What We Do

The Democratic Progress Institute (DPI) is an independent non-governmental organisation established in consultation with international experts in conflict resolution and democratic advancement. DPI seeks to promote peace and democracy building through strengthened public dialogue and engagement. We provide a unique programme model which combines theoretical foundations and expertise-sharing with practical approaches such as conferences and other platforms for exchange. Our work is supported by a Council of Experts composed of preeminent international specialists spanning from policy experts to academics and human rights practitioners.

We aim to broaden bases for public involvement in promoting peace and democracy. Our unique model combines expertise and research with practical inclusive platforms for dialogue.

Our Focus Areas

Our work is divided into five focus areas of activity. We aim to:

1. Provide inclusive platforms for dialogue through roundtable meetings, with the aim of broadening the bases of support for a peaceful solution process and democratic advancement across all sectors of society.

2. Facilitate collaborative expertise sharing by encouraging participants to focus their attention on commonalities with other conflicts, rather than their own differences. This unique model helps establish an environment in which potential solutions can be explored with conflict transformation experts who have practical experience of relevant subjects, and in which bridges are built between different sides of a conflict.

3. Build capacity through mentoring, by carrying out private diplomacy activities, providing targeted advice and by creating safe spaces for key actors and institutions to engage in learning opportunities relating to conflict transformation, including governance issues and human rights.

4. Strengthen knowledge through assessment and analysis of the complex dynamics at work in the conflict and share potential solutions with stakeholders and the broader public with the aim that it will contribute to a long-lasting political resolution to conflict.

5. Promote the indivisibility of human rights, advance the rule of law and defend the rights of some of society’s most vulnerable individuals, groups and minorities, thereby safeguarding future generations from further human rights abuses.


DPI Online Comparative Study Event: ‘Overcoming Challenges During Difficult Times in Conflict Resolution: The Northern Ireland Experience’,

On 21st October, DPI ran an online comparative study event entitled Overcoming Challenges During Difficult Times in Conflict Resolution: The Northern Ireland Experience. This activity was designed to …

DPI Online Roundtable ‘Opposition’s Perspective on the political, social and economic effects of COVID-19 in Turkey’ with Ali Babacan, President of Democratic and Progress Party (DEVA)

On 13 October 2020, DPI hosted the sixth in its series of roundtable meetings engaging political parties from Turkey. Entitled ‘Opposition’s Perspective on the political, social and economic effec…

CHP’den anadilde eğitim formülü / CHP’s native language education formula

https://serbestiyet.com/featured/kilicdaroglu-ile-beyin-firtinasi-41339/ Oral Calislar discusses Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s comments in DPI’s roundtable meeting ‘Opposition’s Perspective on the …

On 5 March 2021, DPI held an online CSE titled "Celebrating Women’s Participation in Peace and Conflict Resolution: Overcoming the Challenges and Putting Peace Back on the Agenda." Here is a short clip from our event: https://vimeo.com/553068549 @DFAPeaceSupport

On 21 October 2020, DPI held an online comparative study event entitled "Overcoming Challenges During Difficult Times in Conflict Resolution: The Northern Ireland Experience." Here is a short clip from our event:

@EUDelegationTur @DFAPeaceSupport

🆕 Rule 9.1 Submission: Chiragov v. Armenia🇦🇲

Just satisfaction still hasn't been paid.

A property claims mechanism is needed to address the applicants loss of property as a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Submission 👉 http://ow.ly/hhFZ50ECQFs

The Report on 'Overcoming Challenges During Difficult Times in Conflict Resolution: The Northern Ireland Experience II' is now available on DPI's website https://www.democraticprogress.org/news/dpi-online-comparative-stidy-event-overcoming-challenges-during-difficult-times-in-conflict-resolution-the-northern-ireland-experience-part-ii/ and on @academia! https://www.academia.edu/48826217/DPI_CSE_Northern_Ireland_Experience_II

DPI is holding an online assessment meeting on ‘Turkey and The Kurdish Issue: Geopolitics and The Possibility of a New Initiative’ with Osman Sert, Research Director at Ankara Intitute. To read his assessment report please visit: http://www.democraticprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Turkey-and-The-Kurdish-Issue-Osman-Sert-1.pdf


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